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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Servant Ministries has ministered in Brazil, India, Trinidad & Guyana!  Take a look at all the great photos that have been taken during these trips!
There are 2 options for viewing the photos.  You can enjoy a few photos from each trip or view the entire Power Point show that Rev. Whittington has put together.    
1)  To view a few photos, please click on "View Album" under the album name.
2)  To view the entire show, please click on "Power Point Show" under the album name and then cick on "Open".  After the show has uploaded, please use your page up and down keys to advance the slide show.  (Note:  this file may take a few minutes to upload depending on your Internet connection).  If you do not have Power Point on your computer, Microsoft offers a Free download for the Power Point Viewer 2003 on their web site.  FREE Power Point Viewer
<! -a- !>Brazil~August 2000

Brazil~August 2000

<! -b- !>Brazil~August 2001

Brazil~August 2001

<! -c- !>Brazil~November 2003

Brazil~November 2003

<! -ee- !>Brazil~October 2004

Brazil~October 2004

<! -g- !>Brazil~November 2005

Brazil~November 2005

<! -i- !>Brazil~November 2008

Brazil~November 2008

<! -k- !>India~September 2005

India~September 2005

<! -l- !>Trinidad~September 2006

Trinidad~September 2006

<! -m- !>Trinidad~June 2008

Trinidad~June 2008

<! -n- !>Trinidad~June 2010

Trinidad~June 2010