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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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WTB Live Event Planning

    1.   How to organize:  See Live Event Director's Handbook pdf
                         Event Director
                    Prayer Chairperson
                    Attendance Building Chairperson
                    Finance Chairperson
                    Support Services Chairperson
                    Ministry Products Chairperson
    2.    What to promote:  See Attendance Building pdf
                    Walk Thru The Bible's Live Events
                    The world's most popular Bible-based live event!
                    Fun, Exciting and Life Changing!
                    Understand the Bible like never before!
                    Integrate your knowledge of all books!
                         Meet key Bible characters up close & personal!
                    Learn the geography on a giant map made up of people
                          attending the Live Event!
             Inserts for bulletins & newsletters:
                    See  OT File       NT File       RUAC FILE
    3.     Attendance Building web site: 
                    See WTB Attendance Building web site
    4.     Clip Art for bulletins & newsletters:
                    See OT & NT Clip Art (zip file)                 
                                (Start promoting ASAP)
    5.     Check out the suggested schedules: 
                    See Live Event Formats
What costs are associated with hosting a Walk Thru the Bible training event through Servant Ministries?  click here:  Host an Event