Servant Ministries, Inc., exists to help lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible teaching, tools, and training.

Servant Ministries, Inc., is a Non-Profit organization as described in section 501(c)(3).

In 2020 Servant Ministries, Inc. will celebrate 20 YEARS of Serving Him, by serving you!  God has enabled us to serve over 45,000 people, with speaking opportunities in over 400 churches, schools & colleges across five different countries. We have seen many trust Jesus as Savior and many more repent and return to Jesus! Our Ministry Board praises God for what He has done!  PRAISE THE LORD!

Board of Directors:

Dr. Mark Huffman
Dr. Charles Whipple Mr. Luther J. Parks
Rev. Richard Whittington

We teach and distribute Christian education resources that feature excellence in Biblical content, educational methodology, and product presentation.
Our Mission is to serve the local Church by:
  • Teaching what the Bible says, what it means and how it applies to life.
  • Reaching out to those seeking spiritual growth and wisdom.
  • Providing quality Bible-based resources and services.
  • Involving people personally and financially in God’s work.
  • Honoring God through excellence and integrity in lifestyle and service to Him.

Our Vision is that through the seminars and spiritual resources we provide, believers and nonbelievers alike will gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible and unleash the storehouse of promises and spiritual guidance it provides by:

  • Wielding it as the sword of the Spirit, before which temptation flees.
  • Believing it is the all-sufficient equipment of Christian usefulness.
  • Trusting it as the believer’s guidebook and directory in all possible circumstances.

Our Ministry is to provide:

  1. Life-Changing Discipleship
  2. Mission Outreach
    • – Mission Trips, Mission Presentations,
    • – Mission Trips
    • – Church Planting
    • – Training Nationals
  3. Preaching & Teaching
    • – Revivals, Crusades, Retreats,
    • – Interim Ministry & Pulpit supply

As Jesus walked among us, He taught the masses. But He also trained others to teach. Investing much of His ministry in identifying, molding and raising up the leaders and teachers who would take his place.

The truth is, if you’re committed to having a strong teaching ministry, you need to under gird it with an equally strong training ministry.

All of Walk Thru the Bible’s live event instructors receive thorough start-up and follow-up training throughout their teaching career-where they learn to become not just masters of the material, but experts in presenting the Gospel. And in following every opportunity God provides to turn your seminar experience into an encounter with the living Christ.

Of course, it’s one thing to send our own teachers into the local church. But nothing we could possibly do is more important than being able to upgrade the training and skills of the church leaders themselves-so they can bring God’s Word to life in their own congregation.

That’s why Walk Thru the Bible has trained more than 100,000 teachers across the nation-equipping pastors, lay leaders, businessmen, and schoolteachers with leadership training and team building, and trained men to conduct our Biblical Manhood Series.

In fact, Walk Thru the Bible’s training ministry has benefited not just churches and ministries, but organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 companies and the US Army.

Rev. Richard Whittington
President and Founder Of Servant Ministries, Inc.

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