Make 2021 the Year of the Bible!
Here's How:
Designed to bring you and your church family into a deeper walk with God, Walk Thru’s “Year of the Bible” program has something for everyone. Whether it’s for your entire congregation, your small group, or even individual study, Walk Thru the Bible wants to help you make 2021 your Year of the Bible!

In the first quarter of the year, a Walk Thru the Bible Old Testament live event will introduce you and your church family to the Old Testament. This live event is fun, action-packed, and biblically accurate. In just five hours, each person will know the key characters, places, events, and themes of the Old Testament.

In the last quarter of the year, when the Daily Walk New Testament readings start, the Walk Thru the New Testament live event will enhance your experience reading the New Testament. Each participant will walk where Jesus walked, relive the birth and growth of the early church, and journey with Paul to the ends of the earth. And each participant will see how God used ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His kingdom.

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