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Walk Thru the Old Testament is without a doubt the world’s most popular live event. And it’s not hard to see why. Audience members are taken on an unforgettable adventure back to the beginning of time. From there, the instructor introduces participants to prominent Bible characters and weaves together their various stories onto one clear timeline. As participants learn about the major people, places, and events of the Old Testament, God’s ultimate plan of preparing the world for the coming of Jesus Christ is revealed like never before.

And it is a lot of fun too!  Forget tedious note taking.  Attendees will learn the material using hand signs, catch phrases, group reviews, and enjoyable interaction with the instructor.  Most attendees are usually so moved by the conclusion of Walk Thru the Old Testament, that over eighty percent of them will commit to read their Bibles and pray daily for at least thirty days.

oday, more and more people do not accept the Old Testament as anything more than interesting Bible stories. Today’s secular theories dispute much of His truths. Walk Thru the Old Testament introduces people to how the Old Testament links together and ultimately leads to the cross – and rekindles a desire to seek God through daily Bible reading.

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Encouragement for after your Old Testament Live Event, to help you read, review and reflect upon the important information you’ve learned. Please use this video to help you review your handsigns.  OT REVIEW

Also, here is a link to the continuation of your 30-day adventure with God!   30-Day Adventure

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