Please take a few minutes to read what other people are saying about the Walk Thru The Bible Live Events. These Pastors, Church Leaders and Teachers have all experienced first hand how God is working in and through these live events:

“What a pleasure it is for me to recommend to you Rev. Richard Whittington and Servant Ministries, Inc to come alongside you to support and enrich your ministry in the local church. As I have experienced the blessing of having Richard minister to two congregations with whom I have served as pastor, I can say that I have been wowed by Richard’s gift for teaching the Bible as much as I have by any teacher of the Word.”

Rev. Patrick W. Purdy, Pastor, Maiden, NC

“Thanks again for blessing my church… I would highly, and without a second’s thought of hesitation, recommend WTTB and especially you, to any church, pastor, or school considering undertaking this program. It has made a powerful statement in our church family. I have already seen life changes in many who attended. As a pastor, that is the ultimate joy…seeing people mature, grow, and prosper in God’s Word. You may give anyone my email address and phone number as a reference.”

Rev. Elliott Osowitt, Pastor, Jefferson, NC

We had Richard Whittington here at Lewis Fork Baptist Church for a “Walk Thru The Bible Old Testament” Live Event in June of 2008. He came in with real excitement and zeal for the Lord to teach the Old Testament and did a wonderful job. Our people responded very well, so much so, that we are going to have him back in October for a “Walk Thru The New Testament” Live Event. We can highly recommend Richard and his seminar.

Rev. Sherrill D. Wellborn, Pastor, Purlear, NC

“Without a doubt this was one of the most exciting and fulfilling discipleship oriented events we have ever had. I have received many positive comments from church members who not only greatly enjoyed each session but felt more confident about their understanding of the Bible having completed this seminar.  Perhaps the best testimony is that our members wanted to schedule the New Testament Seminar as soon as possible.”

Rev. Dale Ellis, Pastor, Statesville, NC

We had planned to hold a Revival, but I can assure you that the entire congregation was pleased that we had your “Old Testament Live Event” instead.  Your professionalism, your preparation, your commitment to this program was part of what made it so special.  You have planted seeds that will continue to grow in God’s People”.

Rev. Don Wright, Pastor, Elkin, NC

“My students were actively involved in learning the Scriptures the entire day.  Richard shared different skits and illustrations that brought the Old Testament to life for my students.  I had never seen my students so involved with learning Bible Stories.  His passion for evangelism and ministering to others was revealed to the children.”

Mrs. April C. Huffman, Teacher, Christian School

“I’ve asked Richard to lead Walk Thru the Bible live events at both of the churches I’ve pastored. At both places, even the members who were skeptical that they would really learn anything walked away asking when we were going to do the next one. He’s high-energy, keeps their attention, but most of all, Richard loves to see people grow closer to God–and it shows. As a pastor, you always have a little anxiety about what someone you invite in might say or whether or not something they say is going to get you in trouble. No worries with Richard–he’s not afraid to say something that’s hard, but it’s always supported by sound theology with a biblical basis. I would recommend Richard to anyone for any kind of seminar or conference. I have been blessed to work with him, and especially blessed to know him. He’s a wonderful teacher, is very biblically sound, and very clearly loves the Lord.”

Rev. David Clippard, Pastor, Lowell, NC

“Walk Thru the Bible, Old Testament Live Event is an excellent educational tool granted by the Lord to equip every believer with a better understanding of God’s creation, beginning with Him and the coming deliverance of His people from sin and oppression.  It offers education, excitement, and elevation while being led by an enthusiastic leader.”

Rev. Lawson D. Horton, Jr., DOM Wilkesboro, NC

The conference of the Old Testament Walk Thru the Bible has been the most heart stirring, uplifting, educational and applicable event this church has experience in the years of my ministry at Welcome Home Baptist Church. There has been a buzz among our people that I’ve never seen before, the things that came to a clearer understanding about events they have read about all their Christian life but never understood. I’m hearing people talk about their commitment they made to read their Bible for 30 days and the things they are discovering from the reading plan in the workbook. God is beginning to reveal things to some people they have never seen before.

Rev. Jeff Collins, Pastor, North Wilkesboro, NC

“Your presentation was clear and well planned.  It is obvious that you have been called of God to spread His Word!  I have been through numerous Old & New Testament surveys but none as easy to understand as this one.  Many people have asked me when we will be doing the New Testament.”

Rev. Brent Bolick, Pastor, Deep Gap, NC

“This Live Event was a blast from the very beginning to the end.  I was amazed at how our people were able to learn so many people, places, and events in the Old Testament in such a short period of time.  Richard Whittington, our Walk Thru the Bible instructor is a gifted communicator and made our learning fun and easy.  It thrilled my heart to see 90% of our people commit themselves to pray and read their Bibles for 30 days.  Now that is revival!”

Dr. Dennis Love, Pastor, Wilkesboro, NC

Walk Thru the Bible Live Events are undoubtedly the premier Bible survey and training programs in America today and have been greatly used by God to give people an overall understanding of His Word. 

This training appeals to adults, youth and children.  Please call or email to discuss dates, formats, or answer any questions you might have.  Until we talk, may God continue to richly bless your ministry.

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