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From: Elliott Osowitt
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 8:00 AM
To: Richard Whittington
Subject: Not enough thank you’s

Dear Brother Richard,

I don’t have enough ways to say thank you for all you’ve brought to me over the past two months. You have impact me personally in so many ways. I wish I could repay you. If there is anything at all that I can do for you, I am at your service.

Thanks again for blessing my church and all those who fell under your shadow these past two months. I would highly, and without a second’s thought of hesitation, recommend WTTB and especially you, to any church, pastor, or school considering undertaking this program. It has made a powerful statement in our church family. I have already seen life changes in many who attended. As a pastor, that is the ultimate joy…seeing people mature, grow, and prosper in God’s Word. You may give anyone my email address and phone number as a reference.

Your brother in His service,
Elliott Osowitt
Pastor, Faith Fellowship
Jefferson, NC

I think Walk Thru The Bible is one of the most fantastic ways to become familiar with the Bible. It teaches you things about God’s Word that you would never know no matter how many times you would read it. We have a tendency to study just the New Testament and stay away from the Old Testament, because it is confusing. Learning the Old Testament this way will enrich your life, and it is something you will go to bed at night and continue your walk with God in your dreams. I love it!

Jim – Todd, NC

For the past 2 months, while attending Walk Thru the Old Testament I have cried, asked for forgiveness, and been forgiven, search the scriptures, and been filled with the wonderful word of God, from the Old Testament. As I have drawn closer to God, He certainly has come much closer to me, in all ways…. I hear Him more clearly, His word is more powerful than ever before, my life it better, and I believe my light is brighter, and it is all because of Him, and the faithful ones He has called to serve Him through Servant Ministries.

Thank you for your faithfulness and service for our God and Father, and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for Walk Thru the Bible, Old Testament, something I really never read much, because I didn’t understand it. But now I just can’t get enough, I love the Old Testament and have seen how the places, history, people, and prophets all fit together with the New Testament; you can’t have one without the other. I need the whole big picture to walk out this journey before me, and I believe we all do.

Thank you,
Teonnie – Sparta, NC

For a year or so I suffered from major depression and I received medical treatment which seriously impacted my memory. Although I have had extensive Bible training over the years, retention of Biblical events, people, and places have been elusive and have left me reluctant to take on one to one discipleship. I was reticent about taking Walk Thru the Bible because of my concerns about memory loss and being able to keep it altogether in my. I found the experience of the class to be life changing. Difficult at first, the pieces began to come together through Richard’s excellent leadership, the support of participants, and the well designed support materials that reinforced learning and provided encouragement through 30 day devotional. I highly recommend “Walk Thru the Bible” for anyone desiring to grow in the call to discipleship and deepening their walk with the Lord. This course of study is fun and has increased my hunger for a deeper walk with the Lord and understanding of His Word.

Dru – West Jefferson, NC

When I was first introduced to Walk-Thru-the-Bible it was a little overwhelming and I thought the hand signs or signals were a little childish, but under the Pastor’s encouragement, I made a decision to follow my spiritual authority’s promptings and take the class. My wife and I were both glad we did. It was far more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. The Old Testament was laid out in chronological order in a very simple way to understand. By reviewing the hand signs each day as they were introduced through the daily study-devotionals, I was able to transfer the 77 people, places, and events into my long-term memory. Now I can better see the time; period, and theme of each book of the O.T., as well as the geographical layout of the land spoken of in the O.T. I now have a much deeper understanding of the historical overview of the Old Testament, from the very first book of Genesis through to the opening of the New Testament and the Cross of Christ. It was fun, entertaining, great fellowship and very helpful for me to get a clear perspective of the Old Testament.

Dwight and Anne – West Jefferson, NC

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