We have many programs designed to meet the needs of churches and Christian groups.  Click here  to see a description of the different types of Live Events available from Servant Ministries.  Please note that we have developed programs to fit any size or age group.

These events are taught in many different formats. The information you provide us will enable us to tailor our response and get all the appropriate information to you.

To set up a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event for your church, we will ask a modest scheduling fee and tuition of $12 for each participant. If travel out of our immediate area is involved, we will ask for customary travel expenses. Please call to discuss the specifics of how we can schedule a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event that will best serve the needs of your congregation. (336) 984-5757

If you are seriously considering a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event from Servant Ministries, we encourage you to contact us about arranging a date for your live event.

Servant Ministries is ready to come along side your church or school to help you plan and coordinate your Live Event to help make it a memorable event that will have lasting influence on the lives of your people.  Use your Live Event for outreach, revival or to celebrate a special time in the life your congregation.  

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