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Walk Thru the Old Testament-Kids In The Book involves stories, games, puzzles, magic tricks, skits. It may sound like too much fun to be part of a Bible seminar, but in reality these are the very things that stimulate children’s imaginations and creativity so that the Word of God can be planted deeply in their hearts.
It could be compared to learning a sport. Like learning the basics of basketball, learning the basics of the Bible as a child means that a special imprinting on that young mind will carry into adulthood and can never be discarded. Because of that, it is vitally important that children are given every opportunity to learn the basics of their beliefs.
Photo by Aaron Perry

Kids in the Book gives kids a general knowledge of every book in the Old Testament using the same hand signs and catch phrases that the adults learn. It also gives children a structure for which they can plug in all of the Bible stories they have learned and see the common thread of God’s divine will working to bring about His purpose for mankind.

Kids come away from their seminar with a Old Testament overview that will stay with them for years to come. Most of them will make a commitment to pray and read their Bibles every day.

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