Changed My Life

The Old Testament Live Event Changed My Life
By Chuck Lovell

I am writing to give positive testimony about how your ministry (Walk Thru the Bible) has impacted my life. While cleaning out some old documents this month, I ran across my OT seminar booklet from 1990. It caused me to reflect back and recognize how God used your ministry to affect me. My wife challenged me to share my testimony with you.

While in college I tried to read my Bible with increasing regularity and diligence. It was hard! I made some progress, but it still overwhelmed and confused me a great deal. When I graduated in 1990, I relocated to a new city and joined a new church, which sponsored your OT seminar. Intrigued, I decided to attend.

It was a cold winter Saturday event, all day. I remember being excited to learn the hand motions, but even more excited to see how it all fit together. At last, the Old Testament seemed to make sense to me! I subscribed to your Daily Walk devotion guides, which I used and reused for several years afterward, until they were dog-eared and tattered. I still have not encountered a better Bible study aid.

I decided to devote myself to reading the Bible through, year after year. By the end of 2010, God willing, I will complete my 20th read through it. I’m aiming for 50 times! I try to find a new translation or annotated version to read each year, to keep a fresh perspective. As a language student, I have read it in Spanish and French, too. God’s Word excites me and motivates me! Your ministry sparked a twenty-year fascination, which continues to this day.

Two years ago, I arranged through my church (Oakwood Church, in Hartland, WI) to sponsor an OT seminar again, so I could share my passion with others. I have been telling my children little-known Bible stories since they were toddlers. I hope they will carry the same love for God’s Word—and ultimately, love for HIM, that your ministry inspired. We invited their Christian school and many kids attended.

Keep up the good work! May God bless your very worthy ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,
Chuck Lovell

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